Those in need of Medicare coverage do a lot of research to find the best plan. Seniors are used to seeing the basic benefits offered by Medicare carriers. However, they have specific wants when they are searching for the right plan for them. To stand out amongst the crowd, Medicare carriers need to consider what seniors are prioritizing in their health plans.  

There are so many Medicare plans out there, and it can be hard for seniors to find the right ones. It is equally hard for Medicare carriers to find ways to stand out to seniors. There are a few main aspects seniors prioritize. By paying attention to and implementing these aspects, Medicare carriers can attract more beneficiaries and provide even better care to seniors. 


One of the seniors’ biggest concerns in searching for a Medicare plan is the care costs. Seniors must ensure their Medicare coverage is cost-efficient and that they are getting the most out of their monthly payment. This often means that they are seeing if there are any unnecessary or redundant services.

Redundant services could be like diagnostics and imaging, rather than the two being named the same service.  Seniors don’t want to pay twice for the same thing and don't want to enroll in Medicare-covered services they may never use. An adaptable and personalized plan would give seniors confidence in their Medicare coverage costs. 

Diversity in Benefits

Seniors are often used to seeing the same basic medical coverage when searching for plans. However, seniors are looking for more diversity, especially when they are enrolled in Medicare advantage and are looking for more coverage from other Medicare parts. Seniors want holistic support that cares for more than their medical needs. 

Holistic support involves benefits like fitness programs, community-centered programs, and mental health resources. Seniors who focus on their health and have the resources necessary are often more optimistic about their health. Seniors appreciate fitness resources that are accessible and fit within their routine. 

Approximately seven million seniors above the age of 65 are affected by depression. Their depression may be caused by a medical condition, or by stressful life changes. No matter the cause, Seniors are also looking for mental health support, such as access to a therapist or counselor. Seniors will appreciate when carrier plans offer more than medical coverage.

Flexibility with Technology

The younger generations are known for their technology and social media use, as 86% of millenials are active on social media. However, baby boomers are making more use of technology, as 59% of boomers use social media. Seniors are looking for an easier and more convenient way to receive support and access benefits.

Older generations are looking to phone calls and text messages to connect with their carrier. Carriers should also provide a mobile app to make it easy for seniors to navigate their Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. 

Carriers can make it easy for beneficiaries to access the information they need. This way, they can find a fitness center close to them, or receive medical advice when they need it most. It also provides a positive experience for the beneficiary. 

How to Entice New Beneficiaries

Medicare carriers are always finding new ways to stand out to potential beneficiaries. A Medicare carrier's efforts for making plans more cost-effective, adding diverse benefits, and creating more flexibility won’t go unnoticed. Seniors highly value their community and their routine. 

A Medicare plan that not only allows for community and routine but also supports it, will be highly appreciated. This is exactly why Peerfit Move provides the service we do. We provide seniors with a multitude of resources to fit within the routine and lifestyle they desire.

Seniors often use Medicare’s Star rating system to efficiently analyze the best option for them. Carriers have an increased star rating by offering ample support and a positive customer experience for their beneficiaries. Implementing each of these aspects allows seniors to easily notice quality carriers, and will help carriers entice beneficiaries.

Wrapping Up

As seniors prioritize their own wants and needs when searching for medical coverage, carriers must adapt. Seniors are paying more attention to a carrier's cost efficiency, their diverse benefits, as well as their use of technology. Carriers must offer adaptable plans for cost efficiency and provide holistic benefits for every aspect of seniors' health.

Seniors are also looking for an easy customer experience by receiving fast customer support and easy-to-use mobile apps! By paying attention to what seniors want in their Medicare plans, carriers can become more competitive and create a community of delighted and satisfied beneficiaries.

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