Medicare helps seniors receive the medical support they need, but seniors need more diversity. Seniors are used to receiving basic health care or even expanded coverage like prescription drug plans. However, this doesn’t provide the flexibility or personalization older adults want and need. 

Medicare provides medical benefits for 40% of seniors ages 65 and older. As time goes on, Medicare enrollment is expected to reach 78 million by 2030. While this number increases, it is crucial for Medicare providers to understand what seniors need to remain competitive. 

What Seniors Are Used To

Even though Medicare has been around for 55+ years, there have only been minor additions to traditional Medicare packages. It wasn’t until the 1980s and 90s that preventative care was provided by Medicare, such as screenings and vaccinations. Since then,  Medicare providers are slowly adding more holistic benefits, but they don’t always meet a senior's needs. 

Seniors are used to seeing basic medical coverages when searching for Medicare plans. It is, unfortunately, surprising for them to find Medicare plans that care for more than reactive medical coverage. Because Medicare plans have stayed relatively the same since the beginning, it is difficult for plans to stand out to seniors. As older adults demand more benefits, it is the perfect time for Medicare providers to expand their benefits, and stand out from the rest. 

What Seniors Care About Most

Seniors want a Medicare plan that acknowledges a multitude of their needs. When asked about what they care about most, seniors often respond with their routine, accessibility, and their connections with others. While seniors recognize their need for medical coverage, it doesn't diminish their other needs for a high-quality life. In fact, 30% of seniors would prioritize connecting with their friends and family over their financial needs. 

What Seniors Want in Medicare Plans

Seniors are choosing Medicare plans that meet a multitude of their needs. Now, 57% of Medicare plans offer meal plans, while 45% of plans offer transportation. This meets their accessibility needs and increases their quality of life. Seniors also appreciate plans that help them make connections and care for their own health. 

About 26% of older adults are regularly active, and work out for half an hour three days a week. While some Medicare providers may offer fitness and community programs, they may not be accessible. These programs may be too far away from a person's home, or they do not fit into a senior's routine. This is why seniors are looking for options in their Medicare plans. 

Seniors want fitness programs for all levels of expertise and accessible options for those with disabilities. Many have found a routine in practices like Yoga or Pilates. Seniors are investing in Medicare plans that meet their abilities or go beyond. Many seniors can benefit from one-on-one personal training, or classes at multiple times for a multitude of abilities. 

Seniors are also prioritizing plans that offer online alternatives. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors appreciate the ability to see their doctor online. This can also extend towards joining a yoga or dance class from their computer. 

These options, online or in person, give seniors a chance to make connections with others. They can connect with their fitness coaches, and create relationships with those in the same classes and fitness programs. Diverse benefits can not only keep Medicare beneficiaries healthy, but can meet their needs for routine, connections, and high-quality life. 

Peerfit Move Can Help

Peerfit Move is a Medicare provider vendor that meets seniors where they are at. We recognize that seniors have their preferred routine, and we do what we can to both encourage and enhance their routine. 

Not only can seniors take charge of their own health, but we make our services digitally accessible. Seniors can use our app to find programs and courses nearby to attend for free. Peerfit Move also provides a multitude of on-demand fitness videos, so that they can exercise from their own home, on their own time. 

Peer Move helps Medicare providers meet seniors' needs, and break out from the mold that providers often find themselves in. We acknowledge that seniors need more than medical care, and help Medicare providers stand out from the crowd. Visit our site to learn more about our options.

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