With age comes declining health—or so we’ve been told. A recent study done by National Geographic and AARP has a different opinion, discovering that 49% of people 80 and older consider their health to be excellent or very good. 

Why so healthy? Older adults overwhelmingly take more steps to maintain their health and life quality than younger people do. For example, the same AARP study reported that 44% of people 80 or older strength train regularly to retain their mobility. 

While age will naturally bring some decrease in health, the modern senior is not resigning to live an unhealthy life. They want to live longer and healthier. 

Peerfit Move now includes FitOn to help seniors achieve their health and wellness goal. FitOn provides a variety of digital workouts, classes, and other resources designed specifically for older adults, so they can be empowered to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness Benefits

First and foremost, FitOn benefits your members as it helps them achieve the benefits of regular physical activity.

Brain health is a concern for older adults, but physical activity can help them keep their thinking and judgment skills sharp as they age. Another concern with age is the risk of falling, but physical activity can reduce that risk as it strengthens a senior’s motor abilities. 

Beyond the concerns of age, physical activity also helps with weight management as it allows people to maintain a healthy weight or even lose excess weight. Additionally, being physically active can reduce the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, help manage chronic health conditions, increase chances of living longer, improve the ability to do daily activities, and strengthen bones and muscles. 

As numerous studies show, increased physical activity brings a better health status. Since FitOn helps people become physically active, FitOn can encourage people to achieve all those fitness and health benefits mentioned. 

Customizable Options

As a fitness app, FitOn has the benefit of being highly customizable. Your members can choose workouts made specifically for older adults, enabling them to get active and exercise regularly. 

They could choose to work out with equipment or without. They also have the option to work out alone or join a digital workout party for more motivation and accountability. 

FitOn’s options are designed to be flexible for your members’ schedules as well. There are 20-minute workouts and 30-minute workouts so people can fit physical activity into their busy schedules without spending hours at the gym. 

The FitOn workouts are also led by celebrities and world-class trainers, so you know they are top notch. Your members could even choose fitness instructors like Bob Harper, the host of The Biggest Loser. 

Expanding Program

The options are already numerous, but your members won’t get bored as FitOn’s programs are continually expanding! 

FitOn offers full courses on various health conditions, and keeps adding to them so your members continue learning how to achieve the wellness benefits they desire. Current offerings include courses on fitness, nutrition, mental health, diabetes management, musculoskeletal & pain, hypertension, weight loss for heart health, and beating burnout—but we are always adding more!

FitOn also keep expanding our other resources for healthy living, including our expert nutrition videos and catalog of over 500 exclusive recipes. Your members can also get access to personalized meal planning, so they can explore choices that fit their own preferences. 

It can be easy to get discouraged and stop aspiring for a desired fitness level, but FitOn’s ever expanding program can help your members achieve fitness benefits without burnout or boredom.  

Improve Ratings

Finally, FitOn benefits your plan by helping you improve your ratings. How? FitOn encourages your members to exercise more and to take control of their health through condition specific courses. This can lead to healthier members overall, who will then likely give you better ratings thanks to the resources you have provided them.

For example, you could improve STARS scores with FitOn. Or, you could improve the results of your Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) by providing FitOn for your members and receiving better results on your CAHPS surveys. Finally, you might improve your Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) as FitOn enhances the value of the health care plan you offer your members.

Try FitOn Today

With all these benefits that FitOn can bring, from healthier members to improved benefit rating scores, it makes the perfect addition to your members’ wellness benefits package. 

But it isn’t just about the benefits package. It is about your members. As they age and retire, you can provide for their healthcare and empower them to live longer and healthier lives. Modern seniors are already aiming for that goal, but you can make better health accessible and attainable with FitOn. 

FitOn’s easy-to-use app has the options and resources your members need to not only live longer but live healthier through retirement. If you want to make a healthy lifestyle a reality for your beneficiaries, consider adding Peerfit Move plus FitOn to your benefits program. Doing so will bring many benefits for your plan and your members. 

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