We all know that exercising regularly is a key part of staying healthy, and some studies have even suggested that as little as ten minutes a week can make a difference. Obviously, the more you can move, the better, but for those looking to include some physical activity in their morning routines without the full sweat of a workout, taking a walk is actually a great option. Don’t believe us? Let us to convince you otherwise. 

Here are four major benefits of adding a walk to your daily routine. 


It’s good for the sole...and soul 

Like many other forms of exercise, walking is great for both our physical and mental health!

Starting your morning off with a walk is a great way to clear your mind and set your intentions for the day, or even the whole week. It may be surprising, but people living in the world’s healthiest countries don’t actually spend hours in the gym. Rather, they move naturally throughout their day, often times biking or, yes, walking, as part of their daily routines. 


It goes where you go 

Another major benefit of walking is that it can be done pretty much any time, anywhere, which means it can fit into the busiest of schedules. Our CEO, who spends just as much time on the road as he does at home (if not more), is an avid walker - morning walks, walking meetings, walks to dinner...you get the idea. 

Whether you also travel a lot or even find yourself looking to get some exercise on vacation, walking is a great option for anyone looking for flexibility. Prefer a stroll around the block after dinner instead of one in the morning? No problem. Want to switch it up and try different times to see which you like better, or even different places? Why not? The world is your oyster. 


Get some fresh air  

Ah, the great outdoors. Besides providing nice views, scenic walks could actually benefit your health! And luckily for all of us, there are plenty of picturesque trails to choose from around the country.

Taking a walk is a great way to make sure you get some fresh air, which is especially important if you spend most of your time sitting inside or hunched over a computer or phone. In addition to lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, studies have also shown that spending time outdoors can even limit inflammation in the body, which is particularly helpful for people with conditions like arthritis. 


Get some face time!

We’re big believers that friends make fitness more fun, and walking is no exception! You invite your friends and family to a workout, why not invite them on a walk, too? Companies like Peerfit Move

It may not seem like the most exciting or trendy workout, but walking could be the missing key to living a more active life. So, grab your favorite walking shoes, log off, shut down, and head outside! 

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