Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or a fitness fanatic looking to elevate your workout experience, a good workout partner makes all the difference in the world. Here’s the top four qualities to look for.


One word - “accountabilibuddy”. A good workout partner (or buddy) will hold you accountable to your workouts and make sure you show up. Think about it - when you have someone else relying and counting on you, you’re going to show up, especially if it’s an early morning class that you would probably normally sleep through. There are benefits to working out with a partner, too. One study found 95% of those who started a program with pals stuck with it, versus 76% of those who embarked by themselves.


Combat intimidation

Sometimes walking into a new studio or class can feel like the first day of school. Where do I change? Do they have a water fountain? How do I use this strange piece of equipment? Though we should always be looking to make friends with others in our class, a friendly face can take away some anxiety away from that first walk-in, thereby combating an intimidation you may feel. Your workout partner should be a security blanket of sorts, should you need it.

Also, if you notice that someone else is new, say hi, show them the ropes, remember your first day - we’ve all been there. After all, strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet.


Push yourself

A good partner will be on the same beat as you and is going to push you to reach your goals, whatever you decide those are. If you’re lucky, your workout partner will be your best friend and/or your coworker, or your fellow frozen yogurt or pizza connoisseur. They’ll be the person to say, “You can do better, try again.” They’ll be right, and you will.

Whether it was a bad day, the dog peed on the carpet, or you’re on just feeling “off”, a good gym partner won’t judge you when you aren’t yourself. They’ll be supportive, and they’ll acknowledge that even though you may not have had the best day, you still showed up .Showing up is half of the battle. They’ll pat you on the back, give you a fist bump, and maybe even join you for a celebratory post-class lunch or dinner.


Just for fun

We should always strive to have fun, even when working out. Though sometimes working out can seem anything but, having your pals there can always lighten the mood. Have fun, push through that challenging workout you didn’t think you were going to get through, and laugh after with your partner about how sore you’re going to be tomorrow. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Chances are, even if you and your workout partner like the same workouts, you’ll both want to try new things. Explore your options. Agree to go to a new a studio or class with your buddy one to two times a month, and you can rotate off who gets to choose your next studio adventure. It’s fun, and you’ll have that built-in buddy for a buffer and support.


Above all, a good workout partner will inspire you to do more, go further, and be the best version of you that you can be.


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