Exercising is one thing, exercising regularly is another. Maybe you make it to the gym a few days in a row, maybe it’s a few weeks - regardless of how often you go, consistency over the long run is where you’ll start reaping the rewards. Here’s what happens to your body when you start working out regularly. 


It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore  

Do you brush your teeth without thinking about it? Make your bed as soon as you pull yourself out of it in the morning? These everyday habits are done without much thought or planning, and exercise can be added to that list, as well. Research shows that forming an exercise habit can can take as little as six weeks. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Six weeks is a long time!” - we’d like to point out that usually you can’t even get a passport in six weeks. Just saying. 

Like forming any habit, it takes repetition and consistency. By going to the gym on certain days at certain times, you’ll soon get used to sweating it out every Monday at 6pm. You’ll even start to miss your workout if you skip it, just like you'd miss a haircut. 


Improved sleep

If there’s one thing everyone could use more of, it’s quality sleep. Regular exercise can improve the quality of sleep you get each night, making each ‘Z’ count, which in turn helps you focus and be more productive. 

Conversely, the better sleep you get, the better workouts you have. So, who’s the winner here? You...as long as you turn off the TV early, set your alarm for a decent hour, and have your gym bag packed for the next day’s workout. 


Improved mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health and, surprise, the two are related. 

When done regularly, exercise can help improve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Whether it’s the temporary endorphin rush post-workout or the long-term physiological benefits, exercise lifts your spirits! Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, take a walk or book a yoga class with Peerfit Move. We promise you’ll feel better than you did when you started. 

Whether you’re trying to make exercise a force of habit, seek improved sleep, or maybe just live a happier life - consistent workouts will help get you there. 

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